Shoes of Hope

Shoes of Hope is Samaritan’s Feet overarching shoe distribution initiative both in the South Africa and around the world. Our goal is to bring a life-changing message of hope, love, and compassion to each child or adult we provide shoes to.

Every time we sit across from a child, we not only meet their physical needs with a new pair of shoes, but we spend quality time with them asking about their dreams and their lives. These distributions are the outpouring of the Samaritan’s Feet commitment to changing hearts and saving souls and lives forever.

Shoes of Hope distributions are generally one day events where our volunteers and staff welcome participants, share the Samaritan’s Feet story of hope, wash their feet, and provide them with a new pair of shoes. Our distributions provide unique opportunities for our individual volunteers, families, small groups, churches, and corporate companies to encourage and share hope.


  • Provide new shoes for individuals in need.
  • Partner with local schools, corporate companies, non-profits and faith based organisations, utilizing the power of collaboration to transform communities through service.
  • Encourage both students and volunteers with a life changing message of hope and respect for all people.